What is the MASRWG?

The Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group was set to develop a framework to allow unmanned vessel to safely operate with manned vessels. Details of the MASRWG can be found HERE

What are the aims of the MASRWG?

The aim of the MASRWG is to engage with national bodies and through them to international bodies and organisations as required, in the development of a regulatory framework for USV.  See HERE

What is the governance of the MASRWG?

The MASRWG has been formed by the UK Marine Industries Alliance and reports to the MILC through the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA).

Who is the Chair of the MASRWG?

The Chair of the MASRWG is James Fanshawe CBE.

How do I join the MASRWG and contribute to the working group?

The membership has been drawn from and is open to those organisations that have a national interest in regulatory delivery from industry, operator, Government and academia. If you consider that you can contribute to the working group or are involved in a related project then please contact the Chair of the MASRWG.

What are the outputs?

The final output from the MASRWG will be a draft best practice regulatory framework for submission to the MCA as part of their Open Policy Approach.

The following interim outputs have been produced by the MASRWG:

  1. Presentation at International Navigation Conference (RIN) 24th to 26th February 2015 held at the Manchester Conference Centre
  2. Submission of an Information (INF) paper to the IMO Maritime Safety Committee 95th Session (MSC 95) 10/11 June 2015, to raise awareness of MAS and the UK’s work on a regulatory framework. 
  3. MIA’s Maritime Autonomous Systems (Surface) MAS(S) Code of Practice Issue 1.
  4. International MAS Regulatory Conference held October 2015

As an organisation can I use the Code of Practice?

Organisations are free to use the Code of Practice in developing their Standard Operating Procedures for their particular operation.  However currently the Code of Practice is still in development and subject to change.