Part of the strength of the UK derives from its legacy position in merchant shipbuilding; UK companies retain strong intellectual capabilities and physical infrastructure.  The expertise and facilities are now being used for new markets such as offshore renewable energy, and being adapted to new client needs.

Marine systems and equipment form a major element of the UK’s exports.  While the naval equipment sector is important, the global merchant shipping industry provides a massive potential market for commercial systems and equipment.

UK-based companies in the commercial sector include:


BMEA Council of the Society of Maritime Industries 

BMEA is one of the six Councils of the Society of Maritime Industries and represents the interests of British manufacturers and suppliers of marine equipment and marine services to all types of commercial ships, from the smallest workboats to largest ships afloat. The Council also serves the interests of manufacturers and suppliers of hotel equipment to passenger ships; marine equipment and services to ports and terminals; the offshore industry, the fishing industry and marine technology. The Council speaks for the marine equipment industry and represents it in dealings with UK and EU government agencies and other national groups and organises and co-ordinates marine related trade missions, exhibitions, seminars and events, primarily focused on export.  The Society of Maritime Industries is a market orientated trade association representing and promoting the interests of British companies.