Sustainability and Regulation Group

The Sustainability Environment & Regulation Group (SERG) has been established to help the marine industries and Government understand and manage the implications of regulation, especially those related to sustainability, the environment and safety.


The issues relating to the collection and disposal of Time Expired Pyrotechnics and superyacht crew accommodation requirements from the International Maritime Labour Convention have been resolved.

Broad Objectives:

1. To work with Government departments to resolve regulatory issues and to enhance its global reputation for sensible, safe marine regulation.

2. To identify, across all the major Government departments, any forthcoming legislation which will impact on the marine industries for industry members.

3. To use the cross-departmental nature of the group to identify and resolve legislative issues within the UK.

4. To offer an overview of UK marine policy, building on the UK Marine Policy Statement, and with advice from responsible marine authorities.

5. To offer advice on UK marine policy, with support through marine planning from responsible marine authorities